12 February 2010

Staff and volunteers

Elizabeth Walsh, Phil Washbourne, Sally Voss and Jean-Mason

The library and museum are both open from 9am to 1pm, Monday to Saturday and whatever time you go in you’re likely to see our wonderful volunteers as well as staff, library members and tourists.
The volunteers usually come in one or two days a week and they don’t mind getting their hands dirty! Living in a tropical island paradise is all very well but it’s a constant battle against dust and insects to keep the books and shelves clean.
Not only do we have bookworms but if you pick up one of the less frequently used volumes you might get showered with dry mud and possibly a grub or two. Mud wasps love to build nests in the spines of books!
In the photograph are volunteers Elizabeth Walsh and Phil Washbourne with staff members Sally Voss and Jean-Mason, the library and museum coordinator.

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Anonymous said...

My name is Shona Lynch. I worked as the Coordinator when Ina Nui was the President. It is great to see the new roof happened and that things are still strong there.
All the best Shona