04 February 2010

New year, new beginnings

The library at Takamoa on a sunny February morning
Well, it's been a long time since the last post to this blog but happy new year and let's hope we manage to keep the information flowing this year.
Our friends and volunteers continue to provide a fantastic service and we would be hard pressed to cope without them. We have just finished building an outdoor lean-to, sponsored by Rotary, to be used for sculptures and stone carvings.
Donations of books continue to arrive from a variety of sources and we are able to sell duplicates and infrequently used books to raise funds and to make space for the new ones.
Books received until the end of 2009:
> Young adult books from Kathy Giuffre, sociologist from Colorado Univ, USA;
> 5 cartons of books from Santa Clarita Valley USA Rotary
> 13 cartons of books from Manukau City Libraries, Auckland;
> 203 new titles processed; 57 new titles in early Dec;
> Anuenue Canoe Club, Hawaii, donated a carton of books (as they do every year at Vaka Eiva time).

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