08 February 2010

Sister act

Sisters library, main entrance (Photo: Don & Lee Kappleman)

It’s good to have friends and relatives and the Cook Islands library has both!
Friends of the library include benefactors and volunteers as well as individuals who donate books, CDs, DVDs and goods for fund-raising jumble sales.
As for relatives, we’re talking about sisters.
Sisters, Oregon in fact.
Our library is sort of ‘twinned’ with Sisters, an Oregon country town with a population of about 1700 although 12,000 or so live in the surrounding area. It gets its name from the Three Sisters, mountains in the Cascade Range and it was once a logging town but nowadays the main industry is tourism.
Every July Sisters hosts the biggest outdoor quilt show in the United States (quilting is the American version of tivaivai).
On the weekend of the quilt show Sisters Library holds its annual book sale - the biggest and best book sale in the region according to the library people, and they should know.
As you can see from the picture, the library is a fabulous-looking new building.
They’ve been sending books and also a Christmas cheque to the Cook Islands for many years and we are very grateful to president Jim Anderson, treasurer Zeta Seiple and the other members of the library.
Isn’t it nice to have a big sister?

Sisters Library garden and Friends of Sisters Library board members

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